LOCO Festival

The ACNUR LOCO Festival at Binghamton University is an educational project driven by the Spanish Committee of UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) to raise students’ awareness of refugees’ situations and the importance of getting actively involved in the defense of Human Rights.

For this project I developed an online platform for festival events which was then extended as a platform for students to get some real world experience in identity design for festivals.

The project is an experiment in collaborative design – each student contributes and we enjoy watching the design emerge. As Hannes Meyer wrote in 1929, "Everyone has an aptitude for something. Life refuses no one. A capacity for symbiosis is inherent in every individual. Hence, education for creative design .. removes inhibitions, anxiety, repression. Eliminates pretense, bias, prejudice. It unites the liberation of the designer with the capacity for becoming identified with society." (Bauhaus 3, no. 1)

We have followed this model of design doing for the first two years of the festival: 2021, which was completely online, and 2022, which was in person at Binghamton University in Binghamton, NY.

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Trevor Chakaravika
Sarah-Renee McNeal
Juwairiyah Shaikh

LOCO Festival Posters. Illustration by Sarah-Renee McNeal.